When moving from a smaller accounting system and looking at proper ERP systems keep this in mind:

  1. Keep in mind most accounting/ERP system will be all in one system or database. Make sure your business processes and new structure will be streamlined with the new system
  2. Think outside the box. Now you are moving to a robust, more reliable system, your new system will offer more functionality to your processes. For example, do you want to host your website in your accounting/ ERP system?
  3. Pricing for the software will increase. Companies seem to think that pricing for mid-market system will not be the same price as your Xero, MYOB, Intacct or Quickbooks. It’s like comparing it to buying a new ride. You get rid of the old sedan and you buy an SUV/ 4WD like a Toyota 2015 Highlander. Brand new! More safety features, its more secure, has new cool features etc.
  4. Look at the overall IT costs and infrastructure when moving up to a midmarket don’t just consider the ERP/ Accounting system, look at everything else; manufacturing, ecommerce, field services, payroll etc.

Think outside the square when you move to a midmarket system. Remember push the boundaries and see what the software can do for your business.